Loth Hoodies

Photo from lothhoodies.com

Photo from lothhoodies.com

While this first real update on the new year isn’t about board games, it is something that I think will appeal to most of us nerds/geeks out there. I discovered Loth Hoodies just before Christmas and fell in love with their products immediately, and in particular their Galaxy Hoodie. I’m sort of a hoodie fanatic and the Galaxy was designed to look like space armor, not unlike Boba Fett’s. I immediately ordered one for myself and one for each of my youngest sons. The Galaxy comes in 7 different colors, by the way. A link to their site is at the bottom of this post!

Darth Mattikus tries on his Galaxy Hoodie for the first time and instantly feels a surge of power!!!

Darth Mattikus tries on his Galaxy Hoodie for the first time and instantly feels a surge of power!!!

The Galaxy collection of hoodies are normal enough to be wearable every day, but geeky enough to stand out in a sea of hoodies. They’re made in the U.S. and are super durable. They feature hand “armor” and thumb holes, and after wearing it for a few days my normal hoodies do not feel right at all. That’s alright though, because the Loth hoodie is way cooler anyway!

I had been driving my coworkers crazy talking about this hoodie while I waited not-so-patiently for it to arrive. Once it did I immediately started harassing them via text. While some are geeks like me, some are not, however, this did not stop them from being harassed. For the most part I copied and pasted the message and just added my different loved ones’ names, but the responses I got were pretty great. My son, Blake, made me the proudest with his response, despite his rebellious nature.

My coworkers' responses

My coworkers’ responses

Father and Son

Insolent child!

If you’re more of a fantasy themed kind of guy or gal, they also make an Elven Hoodie. Seen above, the Elven Hoodie appears more like a normal hoodie, but has an oversized hood just like the Galaxy.

Photos from lothhoodies.com

Photos from lothhoodies.com

It’s actually kind of scary how much I love this hoodie… I wouldn’t mind having the Elven Hoodie, as well and another friendlier color Galaxy Hoodie for those “Jedi” days. Anyway, I just thought I’d share this amazing company and product with you guys! Check them out by clicking here!


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