In My Crosshairs #7

In My Crosshairs

I have a serious problem with buying games and I’m always look out for new acquisitions, and there’s some great games recently released that I am looking forward to playing and/or buying. Maybe you’re familiar with them and maybe you’re not: either way here’s a sample of what I’m got my eyes on currently!

Champions of Midgard

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Champions of Midgard is a Viking-themed worker placement game that appears to be a mixture of Stone Age and Lords of Waterdeep. From the Grey Fox website:

Champions of Midgard is a Viking era worker placement game with dice-driven combat. Taking on the roles of competing Viking leaders, players hunt trolls, battle draugr, and slay mythical Norse beasts in a quest for glory! Playing in just 60-90 minutes, Champions of Midgard is receiving rave reviews and is quickly becoming recognized as exciting and approachable game in the hobby. Due to limited supplies, orders may need to be allocated.

The artwork looks amazing and the board is absolutely gorgeous! I love the idea of packing a longboat full of spearmen, axemen, swordsmen and provisions and sailing off into the Nordic sunset to fight a giant or dragon! Along the way players have to brave whirlpools and fierce storms… ah, it’s the Viking life for me!

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I have read and watched several articles and videos about CoM, and the gameplay seems dynamic and full of choices. In Champions of Midgard players gather resource and recruit warriors, which are represented by custom dice. Players can send their warriors on expeditions to kill monsters that are worth victory points of the end of the game. Visit the Champions of Midgard website by clicking here.


Jolly Roger

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Jolly Roger is a game for 4-10 pirates where players “cooperate” in order to acquire treasure, but the threat of mutiny amongst the players is always there. From the Ares Games website:

Every turn, the Captain chooses a destination for the ship. When the ship attacks, players will (more or less!) cooperate to win, playing crew cards from their hands to win the battle and take the prize. Treasure gained is divided between all pirates, but your gold is never secure until you bury it at Treasure Island…

Unrest is always brewing – each time the Captain makes a choice, it is possible for one of the other players to call, “Mutiny” to try to overthrow him and become the new Captain. And when the mutiny begins, you’ll need to decide how to use your card during the Mutiny and the looming battle. How much will you co-operate, and what will you keep to yourself to be ready when the next mutiny begins?

Pirate games, for me, have a real hit or miss track record, but I have a feeling that this one could be a winner. With a playtime listed on the Ares Games website of 30 minutes, I am hoping for a pirate-themed ‘Resistance’ type experience. Click here to visit the site!


Ultimate Guard Xenoskin Cases

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Behold the Twin Flip’n’Tray Xenoskin Deck Case 200+ by Ultimate Guard! I have the Ultimate Guard Xenoskin Deck Case 160+, which doesn’t feature the dual deck holders. Mine features 1 holder that slides out and a space where loose cards can be stored. I really like the deck trays and think that having 2 would be handy.

The Xenoskin cases are SUPER tough and sturdy as a rock. Want a case that you can stuff down into a backpack without fear for your cards? This one fits the bill! There are several different types of Xenoskin cases in a multitude of colors, and the bigger ones features drawers for tokens and dice. The doors are magnetic and are very secure.

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Photo from

Sergio uses his for his Netrunner decks, and I use my 160+ to transport The Remains. The Ultimate Guard cases are a little more expensive than a standard deck box, but they are strong, durable and they give easy access to your cards. Check out Ultimate Guard website here and pick up a Xenoskin case at your FLGS! You won’t regret it!

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