The Next Board Game Giveaway Coming Soon!

Next Giveaway

The next Flaming Dice Reviews Board Game Giveaway is coming soon! We’ve given away 2 copies of Rory’s Story Cubes and 3 copies of Sushi Go! The next game to be given away will be Nevermore by Smirk & Dagger Games! Nevermore is a card drafting game that lets players compete by playing cards of 5 different suits; Attack lets you directly damage other players, Healing lets you heal yourself, Radiance lets you gather Light Magick cards to be used to give you an advantage, Victory lets you gain victory points and get one step closer to winning, and Ravens… Ravens are a force of chaos in Nevermore. Too few Raven cards in your hand and they will hurt your chances of victory, but if you get enough they are very powerful and allow you to access Shadow Magick cards which can hurt your foes and give you a distinct advantage. The best part about Nevermore is that even if a player is killed in battle, or falls by the dark arts, they are not eliminated but are reborn as ravens themselves to cause chaos and sow discord among the yet human players! Follow the FDR Facebook page for the announcement of the Nevermore Board Game Giveaway! When the Giveaway is announced ‘Like’ the post and ‘Like’ the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook Page! Click here to go to the Flaming Dice Reviews Facebook page, and click here to read the ludicrously simple rules for entering!

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