Dice City by AEG

Photo from alderac.com

Photo from alderac.com

Dice City is one of the upcoming games I am most excited about right now. I love the artwork and the playful look that the game has, and I love dice! Dice City, by AEG and Artipia Games, will be available for pickup at Essen and available in stores soon. The art style, to me, is reminiscent of Imperial Settlers, the game that has my favorite artwork of any board game ever, and the components look great because of it!

In Dice City players are the ruling families of their own cities and are attempting to make their city great in order to convince the queen to choose their city to be the new capital of the Kingdom of Rolldovia.

Dice City 3

Photo from alderac.com

From the AEG website;

“Dice City is a “dice-crafting” game, where the locations in your city act as the changing faces of your dice each turn. Use tactics and strategy to press your claim!

You each have several ways to promote your city; create strong armies; construct wondrous buildings; or open up trade routes. The secret is to manage your city and its natural resources carefully to make the best of your fortunes.”

Dice City 2

Photo from alderac.com

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