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Many moons ago I was searching for a printer/manufacturer to make my upcoming game, Search and Survive. I got in contact with upwards of 20 companies requesting capabilities and quotes; some were very acceptable and some were well beyond the reach of a would be indie game designer’s first game. Then my wonderful friends, Trudi and Sean who own my FLGS in Grand Junction, CO, went to Essen and met the team from QPC. Trudi told me about the company and I sent them an email the next day.

Not only was their response quick, but the quote I got was well below the costs of the other quotes I had received. I continued to dig deeper, driving their staff insane (I’m sure) with endless questions, what ifs, and possible scenarios. Every email I sent was answered thoroughly and professionally. I didn’t get the feeling that I was an annoying customer, I felt like I was a partner.

QPC Cards

QPC’s card cutting machine at work in their base of operations in Orlando, FL.

Now, even though I felt incredibly welcomed I (like the big dummy I am) thought that QPC was just a middleman in the game world. I figured that they had connections with large print companies (they do) and that was it (wrong). I recently made the trip to Orlando to visit QPC Games and got to see JUST how wrong I was.

Edit – I heard from Nick who wanted to correct me on one point. Though they can produce materials in their Orlando facility some games, like Search and Survive, are easier to produce in one location overseas through their partner facility due to some components.

QPC At Work

QPC employees getting games ready to be boxed up. Since I didn’t ask them if they wanted to be photographed I blurred their faces. They don’t normally look like that, in case you were worried.

I had been coordinating with my contact at QPC, Nick, and had a day planned to visit. Unfortunately, while I was driving Nick had a legitimate family emergency. He urged me, however,  to continue my visit and stop by and meet the team. I did so, expecting to barge in and THEN become the nuisance I had been worried about becoming for over a year with all of my questions.

When I walked in I was greeted warmly, and when I explained how I had planned to meet with Nick the staff leapt into action. I was ushered into QPC’s sample room where hundreds of different games are shelved and given a space to complete some file preparation. I was seated at a beautiful table with comfortable chairs and offered refreshments. I had never been treated this way by a company I had given no money to. Ever…

QPC Samples

One of many shelves holding sample games where I prepared my files. I was surprised by how many titles I recognized. Who are these people?

After I completed the transfer of some prepared files to a jump drive I walked back into the main portion of the building, expecting them to say “Ok, thanks! Now, if you don’t mind we have work to do, strange person who barged in!” They had been so kind already and it wouldn’t have been unreasonable had they done that. Hint, they didn’t do that.

I was given a tour of their awesome facility where I got to see print equipment on a level I had never experienced before. It was here that I learned that QPC Games is not some simple middleman. I got to see cards being printed and the sheets being cut. Employees were overseeing the process at every step. I also got to see their box printing machine where I learned that the fantastic price quotes I had received were not overseas quotes. That’s right, to my surprise, though some of the components for games they make are outsourced many are made in their facility in Orlando, FL.

QPC Boxes

QPC’s box making machine. I’m sure that it has a way more impressive name, but to a layperson like me it’s a box making machine.

After touring for around 30 minutes I was brought back to the entry to the business. It was at this point that I was introduced to the owner of the company, Charles. He came out and proceeded to answer all of my questions, explain how the company was started and how it grew over the years, and educated me on the entire manufacturing process. Charles did this not only willingly but with genuine enthusiasm and with a desire to help and educate me.

QPC Sample Games

Some game examples showing off the amazing quality QPC produces.

By the end of my conversation with Charles, and after meeting the wonderful staff and touring the facility, I was so impressed that I could barely believe it. When I said as much and offered to write an article for the company they made my day with their response. They took me into the sample room and told me to take some games to show the quality they are capable of producing. I was in heaven.

If you are an established game designer QPC has the capabilities to handle your demands. If you’re an indie game designer, QPC not only has the ability, knowledge, and willingness to guide and help you, but also the equipment and experience to wow you with the quality of work they produce. To top it all off they can do this at the lowest price I have been quoted.

I simply cannot express how impressed with QPC Games I was during my time with them. Their facility was amazing and their products were of the highest quality. To top it off, the staff was inviting, friendly, and smiling constantly. I could tell that they truly loved their jobs. In fact, had they offered me a job there my response would have been “Yes, now, who do I have to kill to join you?”

Visit QPC Games and drop them a line, you won’t be sorry.

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