Battletech Kickstarter for new PC Game Announced


Developer Image

So this doesn’t fall squarely in the realm of Board Game news, however it does mark the return of a giant franchise to the PC strategy game arena. A lot of people are probably familiar with Battletech as it has been around for ages, and a staple in the wargaming community. While the tabletop version has been going strong for the last few years again, the PC arena has had some huge setbacks with licensing agreements and a few companies that couldn’t deliver (I’m looking at you Mechwarrior: Tactics…). While Mechwarrior Online has found it’s footing finally – it really doesn’t deliver the depth that we all saw in the original games and is mostly just a shoot ’em up game with giant stompy robots. The new game – simply titled Battletech, should help bring back some of the colorful universe that MWO and others have been unable to capture.

The game is being developed by one of the original Battletech/Mechwarrior creators Jordan Weisman, and is going to be a turn based strategy game with RPG elements involved. While the details of the game are very minimal at this point, I and a lot of others have high hopes that it will mark the return of a Battletech strategy game to the PC. The new kickstarter campaign is set to launch on September 29th, and you can keep up to date on the game here!

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