Daily Worker Placement – Mechanics Survey

Mechanics Article

Photo from dailyworkerplacement.com

This is a very interesting article from a great website called Daily Worker Placement. The article deals with theme, mechanics and features of board games and has an attached poll where players voted on their favorites and least favorites. Here’s the beginning of the article:

“A huge part of how we interact with the hobby is obviously through the games we play. We find other players this way – do they share your love of medieval theme, or enjoy a rolling good time pushing minis around a map? We were interested in looking at how the tastes of gamers break down, so we asked about themes people enjoy (or don’t) and a bit about the mechanics of games that stand out for folks. Some of the patterns that came out of this were quite interesting! There are certainly a variety of preferences in the hobby, and I think that’s indicative of how the industry and design is flourishing right now. So let’s take a look at this week’s infographic (which is followed up by a breakdown of the information with a little more detail!).”

Click here to jump over to Daily Worker Placement to read the rest of the article!

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